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Join co-hosts Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown on the Fit Women Over 50 podcast for the Becoming Elli Community where women inspire each other to become fit and strong.

Becoming Elli is a group of women who are focused on healthy living and getting fit. We discuss fitness, nutrition, and ways to age gracefully.

Jill and Chris interview experts and share their insights about losing weight, keeping it off, working out and becoming fit and strong. Hear from others who are making it work, become inspired and motivated.

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Jan 10, 2023

In episode 122, Jill and Chris talk with Shebah Carfagna, an age-defying health, wellness and fitness professional with more than 27 years of training experience.

Shebah is well known for her commitment to her clients and their lifelong wellness journey.

Shebah has been a loyal fitness devotee for many years as a means to manage life stress and the responsibility of raising a special needs child. Realizing the importance of exercise as medicine for her autistic son and other special needs constituents, Shebah founded Panache Fitness Company in 2005 to offer these groups health and wellness opportunities.

Today, Panache Fitness Company offers traditional fitness services while still serving the needs of clients with specific health conditions and chronic diseases. Shebah encourages clients to think beyond their exercise program and to manage their habits to achieve a more healthy lifestyle and increased longevity. She has enjoyed significant success with her clients in both personal training and group classes.

Shebah holds professional fitness certifications: Spin, Pilates, BOSU, Boot Camp, TRX and Group Fitness and is the founder of the “AGELESS WORKOUT” presented by Panache Fitness Company. She is devoted to helping people achieve harmony between their fitness journey and a sustainable lifestyle.

We discussed:

  • What is a Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Developing her fitness company and having a flexible schedule
  • What she means by the ageless workout method
  • Her online classes where wellness through movement is stressed
  • The research she is preparing for the next publication of her book in the spring of 2023
  • How she works out and what her idea of a great workout is
  • Stumbling blocks to managing physical fitness and mental fitness
  • How she came back from a total hip replacement in 2018

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